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Yes or No?

The right decision is never easy to make. Especially in management.

So it is highly important to make that decision in the right manner:



Combining strategic thinking and organizational expertise. Together we implement change that lasts.



Interactive workshop formats and involvement of executives and experts.



Early-on alignment and deliberate communication. Tough analyses and critical questioning.


Combining strategic thinking and organizational expertise. Together we implement change that lasts.


Interactive workshop formats and involvement of executives and experts.


Early-on alignment and deliberate communication. Tough analyses and critical questioning.

Vancore enables teams and executives to make and implement the right decision in complex situations.

"I would like to thank you for your commitment and support in developing the global sales and marketing strategy. The results show that we provided an essential contribution to our overall corporate strategy. "

Peter Schwarzenbauer
as Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing
Audi AG

"Vancore´s systematic approach provided us with a concrete course of action, which facilitated a company-wide cultural shift. This allowed us to accurately measure progress in our innovation process."

Jürgen Bock
as Director Corporate Development & Culture
Otto GmbH & Co. KG

We know: Only actions you develop yourself have a realistic chance for implementation

"Vancore didn't force a one-size-fits-all approach like the large strategy consulting firms. They used an easy to follow, highly effective process that stimulated our creativity and guided us towards agreement on the required strategic adjustments."

Luka Mucic, Chief Financial Officer, SAP SE

Strategy requires a holistic approach.

"In a short time, you got a very good understanding of our business culture and activities. And with a keen sense of topic at hand and the people involved, you carved out the decisive fields of action."

Karl-Heinz Johnen, Managing Director Sales, Marketing and HR, Zentis GmbH & Co. KG

People make decisions, not corporations.

"A primary outcome of the Vancore approach and process: my inner management circle became a strong team, speaking with one voice."

Klaus Berning, as Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Porsche AG

We are Vancore

Reinhard Vanhöfen, CEO

Founder and enabler
Transformer and empath
Cultivator and moderator
Attitude: It is never too late to plant a tree!

Martin Moog, CEO

Two worlds – business and music
Two methods – structure and improvisation
Two instruments – strategy and saxophone
One goal: Make it work

Michael Esser

Scripting, storytelling, staging
Asks what is at stake.
Then asks if it is really so.
Knows methods to ensure that you are understood the way you want to be understood …

Mark Fourman

Mathematician, practice leader, change manager
Large multi-national companies, cross-functional, cross-cultural
Based in USA, Asia, South America
Motto: Organizational development must directly support strategic objectives

Christian Friedrich

Someone has a problem. Someone has a solution.
Someone has a target. Someone helps to reach it.
Someone has a project. Someone helps to implement it.
Knows as a former handball pro: the player is responsible
for the ball until the other person has caught it.

Dr. Wolfgang Grimme

Family, farm, animals.
Consulting, strategy, realization.
Before: soldier, dissertation, politician.
Understands the structures behind the structures. Knows how to get ideas on the road.

Dirk H Horn

MD Vancore North America
Leadership, organizational development, team dynamics
Music, aviation, automotive, pharmacy
360 degree coach, transformation expert, culture converter

Marc Röllich

Project Management Officer, word acrobat, mountain enthusiast
Original thinker with a bias towards sustainability
Proficient in the tricks of PR;
unwraps complex questions to its core

Erwin Teichmann

Communication consultant, freelance journalist, press officer
Executive communications, change communications, employer communications
Motto: Communication - Reputation - Sustainability

Hilde Maartje Thiele

System, reality, yoga
Office management, project management, project planning
At home in the world, tranquil center, to ride a horse is to ride the sky

Sonja Wegner

Historian, wordsmith, swimmer
Been around the block, takes great interest in how people work together – corporate culture – and how you can change things – change management
Agreeing with Erich Kästner: There is nothing good unless you do it.

Daniel B. Werner

Digital Business Expert, Leadership Developer, Executive Business Coach
Lifestyle: Digital Native – there is a solution for everything
Outdoor – there is always a road
Surfing – there is always a next wave
Axiom: Success is a triad of clear communication, clear thinking, clear actions.

"Vancore helped us develop a clever strategic change process, and gave me and my leadership team a clear path to follow."

Andrea Castronovo
Vice President Sales Strategy, Planning, Steering and Future Retail
BMW Group

"The resulting process of created incredible achievements and a high degree of satisfaction throughout the whole company."

Heiko Gloge
Managing Director
IGEL Technology

What we do

Yes or no. Answers are often simple. The process to get there is not. Too many factors must be considered in a complex world - not to mention the individual needs of the various stakeholders.
We ask the right questions. We join forces with you and develop a big picture that can be implemented in small steps. Only decisions made from deep within your organisation have the potential to become true change.

  • We ignite controlled explosions against operational blindness.
  • We ask analytically, without losing sight of the implementation.
  • We think visionary and concrete, work holistically and individually.

What we offer

Focus – Strategies and Business Models
Dialogues, Moderation, Strategy Audits, Development and Steering of Strategies, New Business Models, Innovation Processes

Mindset – People and Change
Corporate Culture and Brand, Coaching, Change Management and Communication, Leadership, HR Development, Training Concepts

Structure – Organisation and Cooperation
Program / Project Management, Agile Works Methods, Organizational Development, Bridge to digitalization, Performance Management

"I appreciate the consultants' sensitivity in unifying the whole management team. People and approach are in line with my understanding of leadership."

Wayne Griffiths
Executive Vice-President for Sales and Marketing

"Finally a down-to-earth outfit that gets things done and implemented instead of producing merely paperwork and concepts. A highly pragmatic approach!"

Sven Schuwirth
Head of brand development and digitalisation
Audi AG


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